We, and everything around us, consist of energy. In a healthy state, different subtle energies course through our bodies, improving our physical awareness and informing our perceptions of the world around us.

When energetic systems become blocked or unbalanced due to trauma, loss, abuse, stress, physical or emotional overload, very real shifts can occur in mental clarity, immune response, physical vitality, personal relationships, and many other aspects of our being.

A healing session with Gregor can assist in the release of such blockages and their effects, restoring your innate sense of presence and wellbeing, and returning harmony and balance to mind, body and spirit. Addressing the root causes of our difficulties can often go a long way toward not having to repeat them over and over again.

While it should not be considered a substitute for conventional medical or psychological care, energy medicine can be an important component of understanding, healing and reclaiming our essential selves.

For more information about consultations, please contact Gregor via email or phone 707 433 3999.

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